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              A garden of poems(The Fourth Period)

              the fourth period
              teaching aims:
              1. learn the following words and expressions:
              change…to; get through, extraordinary; avoid; fall into, stupidity; by the light of
              2. learn the text to know about the relation between poems and songs.
              3. read english poems and know something about them.
              4. train the students to enjoy english poems.
              teaching important points:
              1. the usages of the useful words and expressions listed above.
              2. how to enjoy english poems.
              teaching difficult point:
               how to enjoy english poems.
              teaching methods:
              1. analysing method to get the students to further understand what they've learned.
              2. practice method to get the students to master what they've learned.
              3. discussion method to make every student active in the class activities.
              teaching aids:
              1. a computer 
               2. a tape recorder  
               3. a projector
              teaching procedures:
               step i greetings and revision
              greet the whole class as usual.
              t: in the last period, i told you to join some pairs of sentences, using the past
              participle. now, who'll give us the answers?
              (one student, one sentence.)
              sa: 1. shocked at what jack had said, mary didn't know what to say at first.
              sb: 2. the broken mirror was lying on the ground.
              sc: 3. i went into the dark room, followed by my best friend.
              sd: 4. the park destroyed by the storm last sunday is the most beautiful place       in the city.
              se: 5. the dog tied to a pole by the door barked at us.
              sf: 6. they were sad to see a sea of flowers covered by the heavy snow.
              sg: 7. well known for his knowledge, the scientist is able to help the workers to
              get out of their difficulty.
              sh: 8. the coins collected by my cousin were made in tang dynasty.
              (teacher and students learn the new words of this period together.)
              step ii reading and comprehension
              t: do you like singing?
              ss: yes, we do.
              t: do you like poems?
              ss: yes, we do.
              t: why do you like them? do you think that poems and songs have anything in       common?
              t: now let's read a passage about songs and poems. you'll find the answers to the questions above. please read it fast and find the answers to the questions on the screen. please write the answers on a piece of paper and i'll collect the first five pieces.
              (teacher shows the screen.)
              answer the following questions:
              1. how does the writer feel when he is listening to music and to the song words?
              2. what kind of feeling has he when the writer locks the door and reads poems aloud?
              (a few minutes later.)
              t: those who finish your answers, hand them in, please.
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