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                HOTEL CLERK

                Sandy Lin 15/F,TOWER2 ,BRIGHT CHINA,BUILDING1,BEIJING.


                To contribute developed customer relations and administrative skills to a challenging in a hotel.


                Developed interpersonal skills,having dealt with a diversity of clients,professionals and staff members.

                Detail-and goal-oriented.

                Function well in high-stress atmosphere.

                Knowledgeable on both EECO and APTEC computers systems.

                CAREER HISTORY

                1992-Present THE OLIVER HOTEL,Whitewater,KS

                Hotel Clerk

                Resolved guests' needs.Controlled reservation input utilizing EECO computer system.Handled incoming calls.Maintained daily reports involving return guests,corporate accounts,and suite rentals.Inspected rooms.

                1988-1991 WALDEN HOTEL,Walton,KS

                Hotel Clerk

                Trained personnel.Handled telephone,international fax and telex bookings.Maintained daily and monthly reports tracking demands and guaranteed no-show billing.Utilized APTEC computer for inputting group booking and lists.

                1986-1987 WALDEN HOTEL,Walton,KS

                Sales Associate

                Assisted customers.Maintained stock.Opened/closed shop.Tracked best selling novels,and made recommendations to customers.

                1983-1985 BETHEL COLLEGE,North Newton,KS


                Responsible for general clerical duties.Resolved inquiries.Assisted in locating guest speakers.


                BETHANY COLLEGE,Lindsborg,KS

                Bachelor of Science;Sociology,1983


                Furnished upon request.

                Candidate's customer relations and administrative skills,essential in the hotel/hospitality field,are emphasized throughout the resume.

                Education is de-emphasized because candidate's work history is strong.


                Basic Name: diyifanwen

                Date of birth: September 12, 1985

                Gender: Female

                Marital Status: Single

                Residence: Hengyang

                Located: Guangdong

                Height: 165CM

                Weight: 45Kg

                Nationality: Chinese

                Experience: 4 years

                Job intention intention : Clerk front desk etiquette Sales Assistant sales director sales representative

                Nature of the work:No limitation

                the direction of development: the work in the future, I will make full use of what they have learned to abundant energy, constantly and assiduously the spirit of hard work, stability to improve their ability to work with the company development.

                Requested area:

                Salary: Negotiable

                Accommodation requirements:

                Education and experience in September 20xx ~ July 20xx Hengyang Business School of Tourism, hotel management college Cantonese Language skills (good) English (General)



                (+86) 138-0000-0000


                •Recent honors graduate of ABC College’s communications program - highly motivated to launch professional sales career

                •Excellent interpersonal, communication and relationship-building skills. Listen attentively, communicate persuasively and follow through diligently

                •Technically skilled - cross-platform expertise (Win/Mac) and proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, QuarkXPress and Photoshop


                ABC COLLEGE

                May 20xx

                BA in Communications

                GPA: 3.7 (Graduated with honors)

                Awards: Student Achievement Scholarship; Communications Honor Society ; Frederick McMillan Award for Academic Excellence

                Volunteerism: Save the Children (20xx to Present); Tutor, Miami Family Shelter (20xx to 20xx); Crisis Line Staff, Women’s Center (20xx to 20xx)

                WORK EXPERIENCE




                •Handle the setup, service and daily operations of bar serving an international clientele, tourists and business travelers

                •Enter orders into POS system; prepare daily sales reports for management; conduct monthly inventory; and perform heavy cash handling and reconciliation functions

                Sales Accomplishments:

                •Earned consistent commendations for exemplary service delivery (average of 100 guests per shift)

                •Regularly singled out on comment cards for “going above and beyond expectations” and “providing outstanding service and attention to guests.”

                •Recognized for ability to quickly establish rapport with customers, up-sell products and build a loyal clientele

                •Selected and streamlined bar products based on analysis of consumption and sales, resulting in superior inventory and selection for guests

                •Developed floor plans for auxiliary bars used for large private parties; Outcomes included faster service, improved efficiency and enhanced guest satisfaction

                DEF HOTEL

                Server / Bartender


                •Served food and beverages at a luxury, historic hotel

                •Anticipated and met guests’ needs while working efficiently in a fast-paced environment

                Sales Accomplishments:

                •Consistently achieved highest per-night sales averages (out of 10+ servers) by up-selling orders and suggesting add-ons/extras to meals

                •Proved the ability to multitask, handle crowds of up to 350 people, resolve customer issues and excel within a demanding, high-volume setting


                •Travelled independently during two summers to India, Tibet and Guatemala

                •Enjoy outdoor recreation activities such as camping, hiking and skiing

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