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                Product introduction

                Product name:Ipad tablet computer

                Products to customer:Customer base is very big, mainly young people

                The product function and information description:IPad was issued by apple company in 20xx. Positioning between apple smart phones and laptop computers. Connect body only four keys,with the same layout of iphone. The function of the Ipad is very strong. It is including video、entertainment and office. It can send and receive E-mail、browse the web、listen to music、watch hd video、chat、play the 3 D games、see ebook、read the newspaper and the electronic magazine, can navigation, still can download all kinds of software in the App Store. Product features and sales advantage:The design of Ipad is very fashionable and more human. Light and small .The operation is also very simple. Its resolution is high, the screen showing is good.The material it using is more environmental protection. Its battery life is very big, can use for a long time. Ipad has its own CPU 、operating system and core technology. These advantages make Ipad sale situation very good.



                California Baby Shampoo and BodyWash- Tea Tree & Lavender -8.5 oz 加利福尼亞嬰兒洗發水和身體沐浴露—茶樹與薰衣草的完美組合—8.5盎司

                For Use: Our therapeutic blend is effective against cradle cap, dandruff, dermatitis, eczema and lice. No tears, two products in one - No: SLS, DEA, or numbing agents. 使用范圍:這是一款對乳痂、頭皮屑、皮炎、濕疹、虱子均有顯著療效的組合,無淚配方,洗發水與身體沐浴露合二為一,不含十二烷基硫酸鈉、二胺乙酸,與及任何鎮定麻醉劑。

                Scent: A clean and beautiful blend that includes organic tea tree and French lavender with sweet citrus and floral base notes


                Product description: Even the most finicky child will love the fresh & clean fragrance of California Baby's Tea Tree & Lavender Shampoo & Bodywash. Gentle enough to use everyday, and it is effective against dandruff, cradle cap, dermatitis, and lice. Tea tree has anti-bacterial and healing properties, while French lavender is calming and soothes frazzled feelings and irritated skin and scalp. Anti-oxidant protection of vitamin E and evening primrose along with herbs of calendula and rosehips complete this fantastic product! Great travel size.


                A note: from Jessica, developer of California Baby: Many of our customers love our Calming Shampoo & Bodywash because it smells beautiful and leaves one feeling serene. Our Tea Tree & Lavender Shampoo & Bodywash is sure to become a family favorite too! What makes it so terrific is that it's perfectly balanced; our essential oil blend is brimming with a fresh, clean, zippy scent that is therapeutic and also a gentle head-to-toe cleanser. May be used after a day at the pool or the beach to help remove chlorine and salt residues from hair and body; follow with our hair conditioner that can be left in for extra conditioning. It even works on the family pet! Enjoy.

                p.s. Our tea tree oil is organically grown and contains high levels of the actives that make this oil highly desirable.


                品幫助徹底清除殘留在頭發和身上的氯和鹽,然后再使用我們可以免洗的護發素做額外的護理。甚至您的寵物都可以使用這些產品!請盡情享受我們的產品所帶來的舒適吧。 另外:我們的茶樹精油完全是有機培植的,富含活性分子,彌足珍貴。

                For grownups: Works on flaky scalp and dandruff

                Anti-fungal/bacterial—Moms, use to soak during manicures or pedicures

                A proven hit with dads and we know how picky they can be!

                An excellent facial wash for oily, problem, and teenage skin





                Benefits & Features:

                Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients, Smells great and it's therapeutic too! No tears, no numbing agents,An effective cleanser for oily skin types

                Cleans and loosens cradle cap and works to heal irritated scalp

                Our aromatherapy essential oils are tested for purity and guaranteed pesticide free

                Leaves hair clean and shiny, non-stripping of delicate mucous membranes, Anti-fungal/bacterial

                Our cleansing agent, Decyl polyglucose, is non-invasive, gentle, and extremely biodegradable

                Safe, gentle, and effective

                No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or DEA

                Gentle enough for baby's first bath. May be used everyday by all ages

                Our Tea Tree is organically grown in Australia







                我們使用的清潔劑聚癸葡萄醣,無刺激性,性質溫和,極易生物降解,安全有效 不含十二烷基硫酸鈉和二胺乙酸




                Polycarbonate solid sheet

                Width: 1220mm、1560mm、1820mm、2100mm

                Thickness: From 1.2mm to 16mm

                Length:Thickness≤4mm 30/50 meter per roll.Thickness≥4.5 any length

                Color:Transparent,Blue,Green,Coffee,Opal white,Red

                Product Fetures:

                Light transmission:Excellent light transmission(up to 88% of light transmitted through).When exposed under sunshine,there are no yellow,hazing or/and poor

                light transmission caused.The embossed sheet & the abrasive sheet have the astigmatic function.

                Weather resistance:The ultraviolet-resistant coextruded film on the surface prevents them from resin fatigue and yellowing caused by ultraviolet of sunshine.The chemical bond on the coextruded film absorbs the ultraviolet and then turns it into visible light.It has a stable effect on plant photosynthesis.(they are ideal materials to prevent precious works of art and exhibits from being damaged by ultraviolet. )

                Impact resistance:The impact strength of PC sheet is 250-300 times of the ordinary glass,20-30 times of the alkali glass and 2 times of toughened glass which explains why it is hardly broken.Also for this reason,it is called unbreakable glass and sound steel.It is an excellent material for bullet-resistant glass.

                Fire retardant:through national GB 8624-97 test,their fire retardant is regarded as Grade B,with special material made could be reach American UL94 V0 fire retardance standard and without fire drop or poisonous gas.

                Temperature resistance:They will not deformed under temperature from -40℃ to 120℃

                Portability:It is light and easily handled and drilled .when cut for installtion,they can be cold bent directly,convenient for construction and procession.

                Sound insulation:with good sound insulation effect,it is the best materials for sound-insulation walls on expressways worldwide.

                Application scope:

                Clearstory in residence, the lighting roof for industrial workshops and storehouses; Shed of the entrance and exit of underground,station hall,parking lot,supermarket,resting hall,hallway ; Gymnasium, sound-insulation walls on expressways; swimming-pools, greenhouse sheets; the light mining of offices,hotel, villadom,school,hospital,sports field,entertainment center and public service project etc

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