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                February 17, 1963, Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York, five years old when the Jordan family moved to North Carolina, a child with a good relationship with his father Jordan, Jordan dunk when the famous tongue action Is derived from the father to do the work of repair work, then the two are very keen on baseball. A child of Jordan is very naughty, with his brother like to go after basketball, Jordan spare time all spent on the pitch.

                High school

                Wilmington Lenny High School Jordan basketball career starting point, but the young Jordan is not compelling, the second year, his height is only 5 feet 11 inches, thin and small he was coach from a team down Into the second team. But Jordan did not give up, to the third year, he was selected for the national high school lineup.

                University period

                March 29, 1982, Jordan as a freshman at the University of North Carolina in the NCAA league finals into the winning goal to help the North Carolina University team to 63 to 62 victory over the Ewing led Georgetown University team. 1982-83 season, Jordan was "Sports News" as the annual college student players and the first team of players. 1983-84 season, Jordan once again "Sports News" as the annual college students and the first team of the United States team.


                Rookie season

                September 12, 1984, at the NBA Draft, Jordan was selected by the Chicago Bulls, in the league rookie, he came in third place, his front are Hakim Arachwang and Sam Bowie. From this time on, until the first summit of the NBA championship, Jordan has been a typical go it alone.

                Jordan in the rookie season averaged 28.2 points, 6.5 rebounds, 5.9 assists, won the title of the year's rookie, and selected NBA second team. Jordan in their own playoff game, averaging 29.3 points, 5.8 rebounds, 8.5 assists. But unfortunately the team 1: 3 negative with the Milwaukee Bucks, was eliminated.

                growing phase

                Jordan's second season only played three games, Jordan because of the left foot of a bone fracture and injury, although the vote was selected into the All-Star Game, but failed to attend. At the end of the season, Jordan returned to the stadium. The first round of the playoffs, Jordan in the Bulls and the Celtics in the second war to get 63 points, breaking the NBA playoff scoring record, and that is only Jordan's sixth playoff game, but the Bulls in this The game after two extra time still 131-135 lost to the Celtics, the final 0-3 was eliminated.

                From the 1986-87 season, Jordan began to occupy the NBA register. This year, he averaged 37.1 points in the first seven games, averaging 30 points per game. Jordan 9 consecutive games to get 40 or more points, to create a league record. In the All-Star Weekend, he won the slam dunk contest, but in the playoffs, the Bulls are still the first round of the Celtics eliminated.

                1987-88 season, Jordan won the regular season scoring, the best defensive player, all-star MVP, regular season most valuable player. The first round of the playoffs, Jordan led the Bulls out of the Cavaliers, helpless second round loss to the Detroit Pistons.

                1988-89 season, Jordan averaged 32.5 points to lead the league, while averaging a career-high 8.0 rebounds and 8.0 assists. In addition, he averaged 2.89 steals, ranked third in the steals list. The first round of the playoffs and Knight's fifth game, Jordan hit the lore ball.

                Before the opening of the 1989-90 season, the Bulls invited Phil Jackson. In the "Jackson" Jackson's advice, the Bulls to introduce triangular attack. This season, the Bulls 55 wins and 27 losses, a record since the 1971-72 team history record. Jordan and career in the game to create a career-high score of 69 points. But in the Eastern Conference finals in 1990, the Bulls lost to the Pistons in seven games.

                The first three consecutive championships

                1990-91 season, Jordan led the Bulls all the way triumphant, the entire playoff only lost two, Jordan led the Bulls for the first time won the championship. This includes sweeping the pilgrims in the Eastern Conference finals, and defeated the Lakers in the finals at the top of the tournament. Jordan averaged 31.4 points, 6.4 rebounds, 8.4 assists, and won his six NBA Finals most valuable player trophy in the first.

                1991-92 season, Jordan averaged 30.1 points, for the second consecutive year at the same time won the regular season MVP and the finals MVP title. The first round of the playoffs against the Miami Heat, Jordan averaged 45 points, led the team to 3 to 0 the total score swept the opponent. This season, Jordan once again led the Chicago Bulls won the championship.

                In 1993, Jordan led the Bulls in the five playoffs four times beat Patrick Ewing led the New York Knicks. In the crucial fifth game, Jordan played the "three pairs" performance: 29 points, 10 rebounds and 14 assists. Subsequently, the bulls crossed in six places. In the finals, Jordan in the face of Phoenix's six games to create a record: he averaged 41.0 points, successfully won three consecutive championships.

                However, the joy of three consecutive years did not take long, Jordan received bad news: his father was murdered. Just before the start of the new season training camp on October 6, Jordan announced his retirement and was ready to start a baseball career. Baseball is the father of his childhood to encourage him to engage in the movement, Jordan also eventually joined the US League of Staff League. In fact, he was not very successful on the baseball field.

                The second three consecutive championships

                In the end of the 1994-95 season, Jordan said the famous "I'm Back". Back to the NBA in the 17 regular season, averaging 26.9 points, the corresponding record of the Bulls 13 wins and 4 losses. The playoffs, Jordan averaged 31.5 points, but the Bulls still lost to Shaquille O'Neal's Orlando Magic.

                1995-96 season, Jordan averaged 30.4 points, led the Bulls made a 72 wins and 10 losses record. Jordan in this season includes the regular season, the All-Star Game and the final three MVP, except only Willis - Reed to complete this feat.

                1996-97 season, after six games, Jordan led the Chicago Bulls beat Utah Jazz, for the second consecutive season, is the fifth championship. Jordan personally for the second consecutive time, his ninth career scoring title, for the second consecutive season won the Finals MVP.

                1997-98 season, Jordan for the third consecutive season, his career won the title of the tenth time, also set the regular season MVP, All-Ming MVP, Finals MVP in one. June 14, 1998, the final six games of the last minute, but also the Chicago Bulls against Utah Jazz, Jordan from Malone successfully steal the ball, and in the fall of his Kassel after the vote into the winning goal. After the ball hit, the Chicago Bulls won the first three consecutive championships, but also 8 years in the 6th.

                On January 13, 1999, when the labor negotiations were stalled, Jordan once again announced his retirement, and he said, "There was no challenge as a basketball player at first."

                Wizards career

                September 25, 20xx, Jordan once again announced the return, and the Washington Wizards signed a two-year contract. Jordan scored 23 points in the first season of the Wizards. Jordan to his former bulls Doug Collins invited the Wizards, trying to enhance the strength of the team. But in two years, the Wizards were unable to enter the playoffs.

                Jordan averaged 20 points in the 20xx-03 season, and that year he took part in his last All-Star Game. November 28, 20xx, Jordan announced that he will retire after the end of the season. April 16, 20xx, with the Washington Wizards out of the Philadelphia 76ers game, Jordan played the last game of his career, get 15 points 4 rebounds and 4 assists, after the game he officially announced his retirement. His team did not enter the playoffs for two consecutive seasons.

                Jordan career a total of 39 times to get 50 points or more, including the playoffs 8 times the history of the first, 5 times to obtain more than 60 points, single-game highest score 69 points sixth.

                National team

                Jordan to follow the national team participated in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games and the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, both won the gold medal win over the record.

                In 1984, Jordan was elected by the Bulls as the third rookie, and then he joined the Los Angeles Olympic Games with the US men's basketball team and served as captain. Although they met in the Olympic Games at the time the rapid rise of the West Germany and Spain, but in the end still 8 games to win the record easily take away the gold medal. In eight games, the US Olympic men's basketball field to win the opponent 32 points, averaging hit rate as high as 61.3%. Jordan in his five games played, a total of 138 points, averaging 27.6 points.

                In 1992, Jordan as a "dream team" members of the second time to participate in the Olympic Games, because the team was gathered in the star, Jordan averaged only 12.7 points, ranked fourth in the team. Group match captured the Croatian game, Jordan with buckle offer 21 points. In the eight games of the Olympic Games, only the shooting guard is determined by Jordan, while the other positions are taking turns.

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