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                Andre Norbert

                City, State

                24th ABC, Boulevard Home: 10021-002365-54897

                Cell: 1250-12548-98751


                Career Profile:

                A highly talented, accomplished and professional SAP B1 Consultant with proven track record of developing quality software products. Seeking a position as Senior B1 consultant to utilize my skills and proficiency in a renowned IT firm.

                Areas of Interest :

                Possess excellent knowledge of OOPs and SDLC

                Highly motivated, self-driven and excellent team player

                Ability to comprehend and modify the configuration of software applications and web services

                Familiar with coding and software engineering life cycles

                Possess voluminous knowledge of database and pays attention to details

                Possess extensive knowledge of core CRM business processes

                Highly skilled in SAP Business One Module and designing Print Layout

                Goal oriented and ability to perform tasks under pressure

                Technical skills:

                In-depth knowledge of Windows 20xx, XP, SQL server, Vista, IIS and .NET infrastructure and technologies

                Knowledge of Languages like SQL, HTML ,C# ,Visual Basic .Net , .NET Framework, complex XML Schema and Java script

                Extensive knowledge of SQL Server 20xx, SQL scripting, SQL Batch Jobs, SQL DTS Packages and SQL back-end

                Professional Experience:

                ABC Global software solutions, Boulevard

                20XX to till date

                SAP B1 Consultant

                Handled the tasks of installing and configuring business applications

                Responsible for developing menus and screens by using the method of dialog programming

                Developed and designed process to integrate Business One with 3-party applications

                Assigned the tasks of developing project plans and schedules

                Handled the tasks of supervising and maintaining MS SQL backups and SQL servers

                Responsible for recommending and responding to issues and questions regarding software implementation

                Assigned the tasks of creating reports by using Queries, User Defined fields ,Formatted searches and User Defined tables

                Handled the tasks of conducting training to users on SAP's functionality

                Assisted users regarding screen and menus development to streamline their process flow

                TRITECH Software, Boulevard

                20XX to 20XX

                SAP B1 Consultant

                Assigned the tasks of developing forms and structures of Print Layout Designs

                Assisted the Project Manager in handling a project with a software company, Evitable Inc., based in Cuba City, Boulevard

                Responsible for providing technical support in case of issues related to SAP Business One, software and SQL Server setup

                Handled the tasks of working out in ERP designed for mid-sized and small business firms

                Performed other tasks as assigned

                Educational Qualifications:

                Bachelor of science in Computer, Boulevard Science college, Boulevard 19XX

                Master's degree in Information systems, Information Technology Center, Boulevard 19XX

                Certificate course in SAP B 1, ABC center, Boulevard 19XX


                Will be available upon request


                Franklin Crowe

                124 Franklin Street,

                Melbourne, VIC 20xx


                Telephone No: 61-3-9329-3476

                Email id:

                Career Objective

                To achieve a senior, development-oriented position which requires professional know-how, educational background, technical knowledge, and a dedication for excellence will have valuable implementation.

                Academic Background

                Achieved Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting and Finance from the Hampbell College of Business, Melbourne, Australia in the year 1994.

                Computer Programming Skills

                Knowing Office Package: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook Express.

                Knowing Operating Systems: Windows9X, Windows20xx, Windows ME, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

                Professional Background

                Since 20xx working as a Tax Inspector in the Higher Tax Office of the Internal Revenue Commission, Sydney, Australia and is responsibly handling the following:

                Analyzing both individual and company tax files for comprehensiveness and exactness.

                Consulting tax claims and settlements in resolving differences or conflicts and resolving inequities arising from wrong information, absence of information at time of initial recording.

                Responding to inquiries on matters related to tax as to policies and measures.

                Determining penalties as bound by law and route claims for collection procedure.

                Examining company payment records for exactness.

                Executing collections with the help of direct payment to the Collector General's Office.

                Organizing, instructing, scheduling, and monitoring 25 employees.

                Assorting monthly statistical data base for permanent report and data for national reports.

                Monitoring performance of subordinates and offer selections of traders and vendors.

                From 1995-20xx worked as a Director in The Revenue Commission Social Club, Canberra, Australia, and efficiently handled the following responsibilities:

                Organized in general operations and functioning of the Club representing employees and staffs of the revenue commissioners.

                Retained facility of four bars, large function rooms, multi-gym, saunas, indoor basketball arena, and additional space areas.

                Recruited and terminated, organized, instructed, and motivated employees.

                Monitored office administration, accounting and member details.

                Maintained for time to time equipment substitution, control and bid-purchases.


                Annie Smith

                69 N. Grant Street, Mid Lake City, California 84301

                Cell :( 988) 598-1331

                Email: diyifanwen.com

                Career Objectives:To gain the position of a Customer Service Billing Administrator where my skills and experience will contribute towards the growth of the organization.

                Core Competencies:

                Good knowledge of mathematics that can handle complex billing tasks

                Excellent analytical and problem solving skills

                Proficient in computer applications like Excel, Word and Outlook

                Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

                Ability to handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines

                Proficient in handling tasks independently as well as a part of the billing team

                Ability to handle sensitive and private information in a professional manner

                Educational Qualifications:

                Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from University of California in the year 20xx

                Work History:

                Organization: CF Engineering Groups, California

                Duration: March 20xx till date

                Designation: Customer Service Billing Administrator

                Responsible for processing the organization billing through a weekly cycle in the Deltek FMS database

                Handles the tasks of supervising and monitoring every stage of processing invoice

                Performs responsibility like issuing various reports and other administrative tasks like filing and copying and updates the same to the billing manager

                Produces invoices as well as distributes and mails the invoices to the concerned person

                Handles tasks like Issuing and Processing Billing Reports

                Responsible for Data Entry of time sheets, and expenses on a daily basis

                Assist department in handling day-to-day functions on areas of billing

                Organization: NKOI Group Co Inc, California

                Duration: January 20xx to February 20xx

                Designation: Billing Administrator

                Perform tasks like maintaining records for management reports and inventories of supplies required

                Handles the charge of making proper calculations of the charges for jobs performed as well as maintains some billing logs

                Reviews the invoices for general cost charging errors

                Coordinates as well as responds to all service calls required by customer

                Performs filing duties in accordance with the specific request

                Responsible for handling day-to-day clerical duties like typing, filing and handling mails

                Personal Details:

                Name: Annie Smith

                Date of Birth: 15/03/1978

                Employment Status: Full time

                Relationship status: Married


                Mr. Charlie Smith

                Customer Service Billing Head

                Lopez Associates Co Inc, California

                Cell: 123-589-3655

                Email: diyifanwen.com

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