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                Steve Lee

                No.29 Beisanhuan Road, Xicheng District, Beijing



                Auditor position in the public accounting field in the Chicago area.


                More than two years of progressive accounting and auditing experience.

                Auditor internship with Ernst & Young in New York City.

                Magna Cum Laude graduate with BBA in Accounting.

                Proficient with MS Office, Windows 20xx/XP, and the Internet.


                Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, May 20xx Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois

                Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.6 on a 4.0 scale

                Courses taken included:

                Managerial Accounting;

                Corporate Audit and Reconciliation;

                Intermediate Accounting I & II Financial Management;

                Accounting I & II;

                Internal Audit;

                Accounting for Not-For-Profits Managerial Economics


                Auditor Internship, May 20xx to August 20xx Ernst & Young, New York

                Participated in the annual audit of Omega Megalithic Holdings, including development of the final certification report.

                Participated in quarterly audit of Alpha Bank Corporation, including identification and correction of over twenty major accounting errors.

                Developed several Excel spreadsheet macros currently in use for reducing entry time and automatically cross-referencing for errors.

                Received Employee of the Month award twice--first intern ever to win the award.

                Accounts Payable/Bookkeeping Clerk, May 20xx to Present Anytown Tax and Bookkeeping Service, Anytown, New York

                Assisted (via remote) with payroll, tax, and account processing.

                Developed automated monthly sales tax payment system.

                Implemented Rapid Tax Refund service for individual customers.


                Vice President, Student Accountancy Chapter, 20xx-20xx

                Treasurer, Beta Gamma Sigma honors society, 20xx-20xx

                Dorm Resident Assistant, 2XXX-2XXX


                Personal Information:

                Name: Yang ****

                Sex: Male

                Date of Birth: Nov. 27th 1969

                Hukou: Tianjin


                Mobile Phone:


                1990.9-1994.7: Northeast University Major in Logistics Management


                July 1997. Has successfully completed the requirements of the training course Microsoft Excel 5.0 for windows at Executrain.

                Aug. 1997. Has successfully completed a training course for MRPII at Fourth Shift Asia Corporation.

                Dec. 1997--Sep. 1998 has successfully accomplished the first "S5” Management institute.

                Feb. 1998 Has passed driver examination and got a driving license

                Aug. 1998 has successfully completed a training course Logistic Management at Siemens Management Institute.

                July 20xx has successfully completed a training course of both written and oral English.

                Working Experience:

                20xx.05-Present: Ensto (Tianjin) Electrical Accessories Ltd.

                Production/Logistics Manager

                • Day-to-day operations about production.

                • Make out and follow the production and logistics procedure.

                • Do production plan and buy raw materials and auxiliary materials according to this plan.

                • Looking for suitable local supplier for our factory and headquarter.

                • Import and export customs declaration, inventory control and monthly inventory report.

                • Translate production technologic document; teach and supervise operators to follow up.

                • Quality control; do necessary China compulsion certificate.

                • Equipment maintenance, factory security and yearly inspection.

                • All kind of report to TEDA government.

                20xx.04-20xx.05: ITT Industries (Tianjin) Ltd. Inventory Control

                • Optimize logistic procedure and accelerate material flow is consistent with information flow.

                • Analysis the inventory according to the output and sales, ensure the reasonable inventory overturn rate.

                • The first in/ first out policy must be implemented when the goods are sent out from the stock, make sure the goods in stock newly.

                • Manage and analysis the tine that the goods were kept in stock, insure the goods kept in stock can be used at any time.

                • Make out monthly report about goods moving at the end of every month, and copy to account department.

                • Lead and motivate the team members to achieve the completion of goals and objectives.

                1995.09-20xx.04: Siemens Electrical Drives Ltd. Logistic

                • Give assistance to sales team before sign a order.

                • Make contract review and confirmation.

                • Trace the signed contract and carry it out smoothly.

                • Statistic orders receive and turn over according to the area and products.

                • Coordinate with other departments to make sure the external support to the operations available and effective.

                • Coordinate the relationship with customers.

                1994.07-1995.08: Tianjin Steel Group Co. Purchase

                • Trace PO and buy some sporadic goods.

                • Help other purchaser urge supplier to delivery earlier.

                Knowledge & Skill:

                Systematical and comprehensive material flow management knowledge and experienced in this field.

                Familiar with many kinds of application software (MS Office, MRP II, etc.)

                Fluent spoken and written English skill; CET-4 and New Bridge Grade 6.

                Drive a car expertly

                Strong Point:

                Strong sense of responsibility and good memory.

                Great ability to analyze and deal with problems.

                Good ability of communication and cooperation.

                Confidence in myself, like challenge job and never bow to difficulties.


                Self-confidence; Optimist; Vivacious; Honest, Warm-hearted, Considerate, Diligent.


                Sandy Bin 15/F,TOWER2 ,BRIGHT CHINA,BUILDING,BEIJING.


                A career in Personnel Management/Administration.


                TENNESSEE PAROLE BOARD,Memphis,TN

                1991-Present Director of Human Resources and Staff Development

                Develop and implement policy.Provide leadership in the areas of personnel,payroll,labor relations,training,and affirmative action.Administer personnel/payroll system to meet management and employee needs.Consult with chairmen,Executive Director,managerial staff,and supervisors to ensure policy compliance with applicable statutes,rules,and regulations.Advance agency Affirmative action plan.Determine appropriate grievance procedures relief;resolve labor disputes.Act as liaison for regulatory agencies:EOHS,OER,DPA,State Office of A.A.,and PERA.Maintain staff training program.Interface with Legal staff in dealing with progressive discipline and grievances.

                WILMONT INSURANCE CO.,Nashville,TN

                1987-1991 Director of Human Resources

                Maintained smooth work-flow;supervised claim adjudication;performed claim payment internal audits;coordinated activity with reinsurance carriers. Hired/terminated,trained,oversaw,and delegated personnel.Determined technical decisions and payments.Responsible for computer maintenance(IBM Series I)and updating personnel files to ensure compliance with state/local regulations pertaining to holidays,vacations,etc.

                1984-1987 Central Personnel Officer

                Coordinated statewide reclassification study;organized questionnaires,individual interviews and desk audits.Evaluated/analyzed study data;rewrote job descriptions;prepared study package for legislative approval.Established related managerial files.Dealt with diverse personnel-related projects.


                Milligan College,TN

                Course work in Personnel Management and Human Resources,1990-Present

                Tennessee Weslevan College,Nashville,TN


                Action verbs give job descriptions punch.

                Continuing education indicates candidate's ongoing commitment to his/her career

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