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                University College London (University College London), referred to as UCL, founded in 1826, located in London, England, is a world famous world famous school. It is the University of London (University of London, referred to as UOL) School of creation, and Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College of Technology, London School of Economics and Economics and said "G5 Super Elite University."

                Today, there are 32 Nobel laureates and 3 Fields winners in Alumni at the University of London (UCL), and there are many areas such as science, politics, and culture. celebrity. Including the father of "fiber father" Kao, "father of telephone communication" Alexander Bell, DNA discoverer "father of biomedicalism" Francis Crick, "architectural telecommunications" core Peter Cook, artificial intelligence AlphaGo The founder of Daimies Hassabis and David Silva, the literary master Tagore, the father of India Mahatma Gandhi and Ito Hiroshi and so on.

                The University of London has a number of leading research institutions, including the National Medical Research Center (NIMR), Europe's leading space exploration laboratory (MSSL), and the world-renowned Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Center (GCNU). Its main campus is close to the British Museum, the British Library, King's Cross Station and Regent's Park, in the heart of London.

                The United States in 20xx USnews ranked 23rd in the world, the first four in the United Kingdom; 20xx Shanghai Jiaotong University World University Academic Rank (ARWU) ranked the world's 17th, the first three in England; 20xx QS World University Ranking Ranked No. 7 in the world, third place in the UK; in the UK by the official University of 20xx scientific research rankings (REF), the University of London ranked second in the UK, second only to Oxford University.


                London University College is the University of London Union (University of London) of the school, and Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College, London political and economic and said "G5 Super Elite University", on behalf of the UK's top scientific research strength, Economic strength.

                The University of London not only has the world's leading medical school, the School of Economics, the School of Architecture, its theoretical physics and mathematics, space science, statistics, life sciences, computational neuroscience, computer science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, electrical and electronic engineering, chemistry And the chemical engineering, law, geography, education, social and humanities and other fields of outstanding achievements also famous in the world. At the beginning of the school has a medical school, mathematics and physics, engineering science and social science college, and gradually expanded to 11 colleges.

                The University of London is one of the largest and most comprehensive research universities in the UK. The strengths of the Institute have very strict application conditions. It gives a very small proportion of first degree, and the annual elimination rate is very impressive. One of the highest standards of the university.

                University of London set up the first department of economics in the United Kingdom, the relevant areas in the world recognized the leading position. 20xx British official academic rankings REF, the London University College of Economics Department of Research GPA for the British first, Research Power for the British fourth. The University of London and the London School of Economics and Economics are known as the Gemini of British economics today.

                UCL School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences has a world-class research facilities, in the theoretical physics, mathematics and statistics and other disciplines have a solid foundation, the College has been the birth of three Fields Award winner. In addition, the establishment of space science laboratory (MSSL), UCL has become the world's first space physics research one of the universities. In addition, according to the United States USnews ranked 20xx global university professional ranking, the University of London computer science professional ranked second in Europe, the first in the UK.

                The Bartlett School of Architecture is one of the most prestigious colleges of the University of London and one of the world's most prestigious architectural colleges. 20xx QS architecture ranked second in the world, second only to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Architecture. The University of London School of Education (IOE) is a European-based teacher education research carrier, with a world-class research scholar in the field of education, in 20xx the world's ranking of QS education ranked first.

                UCL Life Sciences and Clinical Science Research, one of the largest and most prestigious medical and life science research aggregates in the UK, is known worldwide for its cutting-edge teaching and research. At the same time the National Medical Research Center (NIMR) is also located in UCL, is one of the world's leading biomedical research centers. Computing Neuroscience is second in the world, after Harvard, is a globally recognized leader.

                UCL Engineering Science Institute, is the world's first set up a professional electrical and electronic engineering college, EEE professional is the inventor of vacuum tube John Ambrose Fleming established. At the same time UCL is also the first time the United Kingdom established a physical and chemical undergraduate teaching laboratory, and innovation in engineering teaching university. Electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and civil engineering and other engineering, in the UK official 20xx excellent research framework REF, are ranked in the top ten British

                The University of London and the University of London, Cambridge University, Imperial College of Technology, Southampton University, London King College jointly formed the British "Science and Engineering South Union (SES-5)", the academic research institutions for the cohesion of knowledge and resources Construction of the group. This is one of the most powerful scientific alliances and groups in the UK and one of the world's leading scientific and engineering research centers.


                The University of London was founded on February 11, 1826, after Oxford, Cambridge, England is the third oldest institution of higher education, and Bentham is recognized as the father of the University of London. In 1831, the government led by the Whig Party succeeded in securing the royal charter for the UCL school, giving it the power to award degrees. In 1836, the University of London (UCL) and the University of London King College (KCL) merged to set up the University of London. London University College was founded in mind the intention is to abandon the church college stereotypes, advocate education equal rights. The goal is to encourage research and the progress of independent scholars, so that they can through their own superb knowledge to promote their pursuit of science and the social progress of life.

                The main campus of the University of London (UCL) is close to the British Museum, the British Library and Regent's Park, in the heart of London. Currently located in East London, Elizabeth Queen near the London Olympic Park, a new campus for the expansion of academic venues. In addition, UCL has a School of Energy and Resources in Australia and an Archaeological Research Institute in Qatar. UCL has the largest medical research center in Europe, and the Life Sciences Institute.

                In 20xx, UCL and Yale University in the medical direction of deep cooperation, the establishment of the University of London - Yale University Joint Research Department. After the medical expansion to such as mathematics, economics, law, philosophy and other multi-directional scientific research cooperation and doctoral training.

                In 20xx, the University of London School of Management and Peking University signed an agreement to jointly set up MBA (MBA) program. Peking University International MBA, Peking University National Development Institute (NSD) and the University of London School of Management (SoM) cooperation in running a school project. In addition, Peking University and the University of London in the medical, computer science, urban planning, language education and other disciplines to carry out research and teaching cooperation.

                G5 Super Elite University

                University of London is one of the "G5 Super Elite University". "The G5 Super elite University" group (The Group 5) was established in 20xx. Its five members received more government education and research budgets through close cooperation in related fields. While injecting new vitality into the UK academic field. Among the five members, Oxford University is located in Oxford. Cambridge University is located in Cambridge. The remaining three universities are located in the British capital of London. The Imperial College of London was once a graduate of the University of London, but it left the University of London in 20xx and was independent. The University of London UCL and the London School of Economics and Political Science LSE remain in the University of London Union (UOL). University of London College research activities frequently. The school set up the "four challenges" for the highest research objectives: international medical, sustainable urban development, cultural interaction, human prosperity and development.

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