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                Personal Information

                Name: xxx

                Gender: male

                Date of Birth: 1986/05/12

                Residency: HuangShi

                Zip Code: 435002

                Career Objective:English Teacher

                Mobile: xxxxxxxxxxx

                Email: xxxxxxx

                Political Background:probationary party member

                Leadership Position:the chair of league member

                Address: HuBei province HuangShi City Ma Fang village

                Work Experience

                20xx/07-20xx/9:commended by dean to be an English private tutor in BeiJing

                20xx/03--20xx/05:QiHui private tutor Center as an English Tutor in XianNing

                20xx/06-20xx/12:as an English Tutor teaching High School student in HuangShi

                20xx/10-20xx/05:as a student secretary of the college of foreign studies

                20xx/08-20xx/12:an English training teacher of Info Tech Essentials, Inc. Huang Shi Branch


                20xx/09--20xx/06 XianNing University English Education Associate

                20xx/09--20xx/06 HuBei Normal Univercity English Bachelor


                20xx/10--20xx/12 No 14 Middle School in HuangShi city English cadet teacher

                Language Skills

                English excellent Japanese average


                20xx/03 TEM Level 8 EVIII 0810045236

                20xx/04 TEM Level 4 EIV 0710075088

                20xx/06 CET-6 061242066001800

                20xx/12 provincial Computer Level Test Band1 20xx121141345

                20xx/12 Mandarin Chinese Rating Certificate X1140430787

                20xx/7 Teacher qualification certificate 20xx4210730000459


                national scholarship

                the first ranking scholarship

                the second ranking scholarship

                3 good’s student

                outstanding student leader9 f2 m: # H,

                excellent League Member

                the second price in teacher skill competition in HuBei Normal University

                the first price in normal students’ teaching lesson

                the third price in students’acqierement

                the outstanding price in first term in Telecommunications Cup Resume Competition

                Self Assessment

                self-confidence, industry, and enthusiasm as well as great passion for education


                Personal Information

                Name: your name

                Gender: your gender

                Date of birth: the birth of your

                Height: Your height

                Native place: Your place of origin

                Place of residence: your place of residence

                National: Your nation

                Political landscape: Your political landscape

                Job type: the type of your job

                Graduate institutions: the institutions of your graduation

                Professional: Your professional

                Mobile: your mobile phone

                Home phone: Your home phone

                E_Mail: your email

                QQ / MSN: your qq / msn

                Educational experience

                (Your educational experience in the recruitment of teachers, many units of value in school performance during the period, particularly in education, psychology, as well as the foundation courses, if the outstanding achievements in university education should focus on embodied experience)

                in-school practice, the award-winning experience

                You have the class practice (cadres, students, such as work experience, tutor experience, the experience of blood donation for public welfare activities, such as more favorable job)

                Skill levels

                (Your skill level teachers should have the ability to fine speech, fluent communication skills, solid knowledge. )


                (Self-assessment of your teachers should have high moral character, learned, such as the quality of love and respect their jobs. )

                job intentions

                Your job search intention




                Date of Birth




                Political Background           eague member


                Self Assessment/Objective

                Self Assessment:

                I am a prudent, careful girl with an open mind eager to learn. Having broad interests, perseverant personality is my most attractive advantage. I am inclined to think independently, while I am a cooperative person. I am always conscientious and responsible in doing things.

                Career Objective:

                I have a strong interest in foreign trade, hope to engage in job of trade-related English translation, or business assistant.

                Work Experience

                xxEnglish Training Class


                20xx-9 - 20xx-1 English teacher

                Location:Hengyang | Job Type:Full-time

                Job Category:New Graduate Student

                Career Level:Student

                Responsibilities and Achievements:

                Have obtained abilities of teaching, developing curriculum, setting admission scheme, recruiting. Have got capacity of orgnization and coordination.



                20xx-9 - 20xx-6 English Bachelor | |

                Major Category:Foreign Languages &Literature

                Major Description and Courses:

                During my college life,I have tried my best to learn abundant knowledge about my major and master the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation, etc.Additionally, I have hunted in business English field to build up a reasonable structure of knowledge. I also have general knowlegde of Japanese.

                College Info

                Out of a Total of:28people

                Other Awards:

                20xx – 20xx Nanhua University Second-class Bursary

                20xx Nanhua University Merit Student

                20xx Nanhua University Excellent Communist Youth League and Excellent Official

                Campus and Community Activities:

                Volunteer joined in the school righteousness labor team, did community service in Hengyang Welfare Institute for a year.

                Summary / Target Job

                Career Profile

                Overseas Experience:No

                Current Job Industry:Others

                Current Job Category:New Graduate Student

                Current Career level:Student


                Dear Sir/Madam,

                mr.li quanzhi who has just returned to china from your university informed that you are considering the possibility of offering a chinese language course to your students in the next academic year and may have an opening for a teacher of the chinese language. i am very much interested in such a position.

                i have been teaching chinese literature and composition at college level since 1980. in the past three years, i have worked in summer programs, teaching the chinese language and culture to students from english-speaking courtries. as a result, i got to know well the common problems of these students and how to adapt teaching to achieve the best results.

                with years of intensive english training, i have no difficulty conducting classes in english and feel queit comfortable working with american students.

                i will be available after february 1998.please fell free to contact me if you wish more information. thank you very much for your consideration and i look forward to hearing from you.

                your sincerely,


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