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                xx City, xx State

                E-mail Address:jianli.diyifanwen.com


                To obtain a challenging position with a market leader that utilizes my experience in product management, sales management, account management, and project management.

                Professional Summary

                Experienced manager with skills in leading direct reports as well as cross-functional teams, managing a product line from cradle to grave, justifying new product development investments, determining and documenting new product requirements, developing sales forecasts and product pricing, and launching new products to the marketplace. Proven ability to manage key account relationships and large-scale projects. Experience with presenting to senior management, representing senior management in discussions with others in the company, meeting with customers, training and assisting dealers, and coordinating the activities of region managers.


                A Company, Inc., Any City, Any State, 7/96 – Present. Product Manager, 1/99 – Present.

                Reporting to the V. P. of Product Management, responsible for a product line of 20 products representing $12 million in sales revenue for a leading manufacturer of ABC equipment generating sales of $450 million annually.

                Increased product line sales from $8 million in 1999 to $12 million in 20xx, a 50% increase, and managed the company’s $30 million accessories and parts program.

                Launched new product into the marketplace to replace an existing product increasing annual unit sales from 3,000 to 12,000.

                Meet with dealers, national accounts, end-users, and the sales force to define new product requirements and work with product development to document these requirements in product specifications.

                Analyze competitive product offerings in terms of features and benefits as well as price points.

                Determine sales forecasts for proposed new products and justify new product development investments through an IRR and NPV analysis.

                Review product pricing and gross margin goals for existing products annually and establish new product pricing.

                Develop written launch plans outlining the launch process, present launch plans to senior management for approval, and track actual unit sales and gross margin performance for new product launches.

                Conduct new product training for the sales force and dealer network including providing test units to region managers and key dealers for use in demonstrations.

                Work with an Italian equipment supplier as well as A Company’s manufacturing plants in A Country and A Country to manage product offerings for the North American market that are produced overseas.

                Exhibit products at trade shows and attend trade shows to review competitors’ products.

                Key Account Manager, 4/00 – 12/00.

                Led a cross-functional team with representatives from manufacturing, customer service, technical service, quality, IT, sourcing, accounts receivable, logistics and shipping to ensure a $12 million key account, the largest account in company history, received timely and effective support regarding any issue.

                Managed all product launches into 8 branch locations of this key account and coordinated new product training for the 300 key account representatives.

                Coordinated activities and supported key account representatives in a sales blitz resulting in over 1,000 product demonstrations.

                Worked with the key account to jointly establish sales forecasts, conveyed these forecasts to manufacturing, and met with manufacturing and logistics on a weekly basis to ensure timely equipment delivery. Jane Doe Page 2

                Coordinated telemarketing and marketing management in conducting market research to determine target markets for the key account and conveyed this information to the key account.

                Distributed key account sales reports by branch to region managers and senior staff and reviewed sales goals with region managers via telephone conferences.

                Acted as a liaison between A Company and the key account for all issues and represent the team in discussions with senior management on the account status.

                Prepared written status reports for senior management detailing open action items and launch status.

                Project Manager, 1/00 – 6/00.

                Reporting to the CEO of worldwide operations, worked with consultants from McKinsey as well as executive staff to review the existing organization structure in the areas of Product Management, R&D, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Sales.

                Attended numerous meetings and teleconferences with executive and senior management to conduct this study.

                Defined roles and responsibilities for each group to improve company processes and strengthen communication channels.

                Assisted in preparing a report with recommendations for how to properly reorganize the company that encompassed not only North American operations, but also headquarters in A Country and European manufacturing facilities in Country A, Country B, Country C, and Country D.

                Attended a Board of Directors’ meeting in A City with the CEO of A Company’s worldwide operations and his key executive staff to discuss reorganization recommendations.

                Coordinated efforts to select and integrate product offerings from an acquired company into the parent company’s product line.

                Customer Service Manager, 8/97 – 12/98.

                Directed a 20-person customer service department including hiring, training, and managing staff. Managed customer service staff responsible for processing incoming orders, coordinating shipments, and handling incoming calls from customers and the field sales force.

                Reorganized customer service to properly align with sales teams improving communications and reducing time sales spent on non-sales related administrative activities.

                Implemented a battery-installed program that increased battery sales by $3 million while enabling customers to operate equipment immediately after it was uncrated.

                Led team tasked with determining the product offering for the next fiscal year, establishing product pricing, developing a 100-page Product Guide summarizing the product offerings and pricing, and distributing 8 different versions of this Product Guide to the dealer network, government agencies, and national accounts.

                Managed team members on prototyping and implementing a new ERP system to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

                Inside Sales – Direct Accounts, 7/96 – 8/97.

                Processed incoming orders, coordinated shipments, and handled customer-related issues.

                Responsible for managing and tracking machine allocations for the entire company.


                University Of Notre Dama , Indiana.

                Bachelor of Arts Degree : Keller Graduate School Of Management, Chicago , Illinios.


                Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Baan.


                Personal Information



                Seeking an entry-level position within the Engineering Department of a manufacturing facility.


                Castle Island Engineering Works, South Boston, MA

                May – Sept 20xx

                Summer Placement

                Performed time studies on each process in a large manufacturing area.

                Planned the floor layout for a new automated production line.

                Completed Auto-CAD drawings for the Senior Engineer on line layout and ergonomic space-saving concepts.

                Identified potential bottlenecks to production, and developed methods to reduce and prevent these impediments to efficiency.

                Completed change requests on production procedures and drawings.

                Douglas Engineering Co. Ltd., Cambridge, MA

                June – Sept 20xx

                Summer Placement

                Completed Auto-CAD drawings of proposed layouts for a large production facility in Boston.

                Reviewed production procedures and engineering specs including machine drawings prior to submittal for review in the change process.

                Developed and maintained a database for tracking tech files, equipment specs, equipment installation checklists etc.


                Boston University, Boston, MA

                20xx - Present

                BS in Mechanical Engineering, Graduated with Honours.

                Boston College, Boston, MA

                1999 –20xx

                BS in Computer Science


                Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Auto-CAD and Java.

                Participated in a two-week course in Machine Design, Christmas 20xx.

                Other interests include Aircraft Model making and design, carpentry and tool making.

                Hobbies include Football, Hockey, Swimming and Reading.


                Name: diyifanwen

                Gender: Female

                Date of Birth: January 17th, 1991

                Major: English ( about business )



                Email: jianli.diyifanwen.com

                Job Objective:

                A Position referring English translation, import and export, secretary

                Educational background:

                20xx to 20xx, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology

                20xx to 20xx,No.1 Middle School of Biyang

                Honors and Certificates:

                In the year of 20xx, won "The Third Prize of English Contest "of our college

                In the summer of 20xx, won the "Advanced individual "of summer social practice In the year of 20xx, won the "Third Level Scholarship"of our school

                Certificate of Written and Oral of TEM4

                Certificate of CET6 and CET4

                Social Activities:

                In the period 20xx - 20xx, as a Deputy Minister of Quality Development Association , organizing several activities of the quality of development in ordre to let students understand the importance of teamwork in physical exercise.

                In the period 20xx - 20xx, participating in the campus culture section of the speech contest.

                During the summer of 20xx, having a part time job in a production and packaging of the private company, fully aware of the basic production and packaging procedures, and proficiency in operating .

                During the four years constantly serving as a tutor, not only improving the students' English scores but also enhancing my English basic skills.


                Taking a serious and responsible attitude to work, diligent, steadfast, having a strong learning ability.

                Highly skilled in translating materials in many fields such as trade, culture, tourism, science and technology, political and diplomatic.

                Capable of performing the interpretation of the general formal meeting or business negotiations.

                Skilled using of Office software (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.)

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