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                Thank you for your busy schedul to read my weeping Self materials, First of all. passion to work for a univers student open a door of hope!

                forthcom in June from 20, My name is CHEN Quan.006 in Nanj Normal Univers graduate, to take thi career, I with a sincer heart and career pursuit in good faith, recommend their own.

                through the care guidanc of mentor as well as their own work hard, From the threshold of the dai into the University. I gradual becam abl to adapt to a new era of commun colleg student

                I serious study, and to make a knowledge-bas builder of social lai a solid foundation. In college. plai to their strengths, and tap their own potential, and thu improv their learn abil and analyt abil to deal with the problem. At the same time, I also did not forget to pai attent to more aspect of the qualiti of their own culture, to borrow a larg number of variou type of books, to cultiv their own character, so. While studi at the school serv as Minist of Propaganda Depart of the hospital, the hospit debat team

                I also activ take part in a varieti of social practic activities, and achiev a certain score. In addition. which ha an independ plan bodi to implement a large-scal promot activities. In social practice, I try to studi success people, will hone their own quality, and enhanc interperson commun skills, cultiv teamwork philosophy, studi a varieti of corpor culture, base in good faith, and strive to becom professional, high quality, plastic of good talent.

                your compani is will to caus thrive achievements, Thank you for your busi schedul to give me concern. but also wish you a success and good health!

                read harbor the sincer confidence, Low job-seek hold a book. I look forward to your company to become one!

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