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              my hobby英語作文高中


                愛好是疲勞一天后還念念不忘的事。其實我的愛好的高中英語作文并不難寫。下面是第一范文網小編給大家整理的my hobby英語作文高中,供你參考!

              my hobby英語作文高中篇1

                When I was a child, I and the book has the indissoluble bond. It is a world that is full of color map: Snow White and the seven dwarfs sincerely invited me to visit; Cinderella ran and telling me that her misfortune; Little red riding hood excitedly told me how she zhi dou after the Wolf

                The contents of the book are rich and colorful, let me see the colorful world, experience the joys and sorrows. Sometimes the characters in the book to make funny performance made me feel very happy; Sometimes the characters in the book to make the admirable moral behavior, let me in his body; Sometimes the characters in the book beggar-thy-neighbour, let me feel very indignation. As long as I hold your books, like sitting on a boat to navigate in the boundless ocean of knowledge. Sometimes forget time, forget to eat, infatuated. On one occasion, I shut the door in the study reading, fascinated, greenery, did not even hear mother repeatedly knocked at the door of the voice, until his mother gently shook me lately, just woke up from the book, but I don't know now is when I found I had a few moment, mom's meals are cool, I was so angry mother hid the my favorite book, I don't have the book also eat not to eat sweet, sleep sleep not sweet. One day I took advantage of the parents are not at home, I searched to find sea, ah, finally found the book I loved, tenderly kissed it, then turned into a book of the sea.

              my hobby英語作文高中篇2

                My hobby is collect stamps

                My hobby is collect stamps. I have collected more than two hundred stamps. I began to collect them one year ago.

                I like stamps because they are very beautiful and very interesting. Every stamp have a wonderful picture and from it you can learn a lot.

                I have some stamps with Beijing Opera. They show us the traditional art of China. In some stamps there are beautiful animals and birds. And some stamps are about the famous persons.

                Don’t you think the stamps are very interesting and valuable?

              my hobby英語作文高中篇3

                Blame don't blame you say, my hobby is solving math problems. Some people see a math problem, away from all; See to it, and I, a drive to, I don't know how much interest.

                One Sunday afternoon, I was alone in the room do my homework, homework after has nothing to do. Alas, idle really hurt people! What to do? I feel time is really tough. Many of my hobbies, so I want to go to collecting stamps. I hurriedly get "puppy" piggy bank, want to count it how much money is there in the "belly". But one picks up the "dog" piggy bank, I am disappointed, the original spring outing, I put the money inside is used up. How to do? I turn up the book on the desk. All of a sudden, I shine at the moment, a new "little math problem set" appear in the front, that's great! I'll take the pen to do.

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              • 很多人都是有愛好的,只是他們的愛好不一樣,你想知道初二的學生有什么愛好嗎?那就把它用英語作文寫出來哦和大家一起分享吧。下面是第一范文網小編給大家整理的my hobby英語作文初二,供你參考!my hobby英語作文初二篇1my hobbyThere are...

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              • 時間在不停的變動,我們的愛好也在不斷的變化,你知道五年級的學生有什么愛好嗎?下面是第一范文網小編給大家精心挑選的my hobby英語作文小學五年級,希望大家喜歡!供你參考和閱讀!my hobby英語作文小學五年級篇1My HobbyI have many hobb...

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              • 不同的人有不同的愛好,有人喜歡收藏,有人喜歡畫畫,你有什么愛好呢?你知道怎么用英語作文寫出來嗎?下面是第一范文網小編給大家整理的my hobby初二英語作文,供你參考!my hobby初二英語作文篇1my hobbyMy hobby is reading.I was intere...

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              • 如果你有心情不好的時候,當你看到一件你很喜歡的東西的時候,你的心情就會變好了,你知道六年級的我的愛好的英語作文怎么寫嗎?下面是第一范文網小編給大家整理的my hobby英語作文六年級,供你參考!my hobby英語作文六年級篇1My hobbyEve...

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              • 我認為對于一切情況,只有熱愛才是最好的老師。子啊生活中,你最喜歡什么呢?用英語做出來和我們一起分享吧。下面是第一范文網小編給大家整理的六年級my hobby英語作文,供你參考!六年級my hobby英語作文篇1My hobby is playing basketbal...

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              • 一個人的性格會決定于他有什么樣的愛好,你知道六年級的學生會有哪些愛好嗎?怎么才能寫出一篇六年級我的愛好的英語作文呢?下面是第一范文網小編給大家精心挑選的愛好英語作文,希望大家喜歡!供你參考和閱讀!my hobby英語作文篇1my hobbyO...

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              • 愛好是不會分年齡的,也許從我們出生的那一刻起我們就有了屬于自己的愛好了。你知道我的愛好的英語作文怎么寫嗎?下面是第一范文網小編給大家整理的my hobby小學英語作文,供你參考!my hobby小學英語作文篇1My hobbyI have many hobbies,...

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              • 愛好會隨著年齡的增長慢慢的變化,你知道小學生有什么愛好嗎?接下來小編就說一下關于小學生愛好的英語作文吧。下面是第一范文網小編給大家整理的my hobby英語作文小學,供你參考!my hobby英語作文小學篇1My hobbyI am Bob. I am 11 years...

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